Hurricane Pro utilizes the latest technology to track hurricanes that impact you in a sleek, beautiful application.

Know on the go, with Hurricane Pro: The ULTIMATE Hurricane tracker app for the iPhone and iPod Touch which has been keeping you safe for over 7 years.

Why do our customers love Hurricane Pro?

Track The Storms That Matter To You

Whether you live on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Hawaii or around the world, Hurricane Pro shows you where the storms are that matter to you. With world-wide interactive tracking, Hurricane Pro puts all the critical information you need right at your fingertips.

Expect the Unexpected

Fastest Most Reliable Data

Hurricanes are some of the most powerful storms on the planet, never be caught unprepared. Our custom "WeatherEngine" makes sure you always have the most up-to-date information from official sources to keep you ahead of the storm. Built-in video forecasts give you in-depth information from the experts at

Social Sharing

With built-in social sharing, you can use Hurricane Pro to keep friends and family informed through Twitter and Facebook.

Understand Wind Risk shows 74mph winds for hurricanes in red, 39-73 mph winds in orange for Tropical Storm and less than 39 mph winds in yellow for tropical depression.

Understand Wind Risk

Not all hurricanes are a like, and not all trackers are created equal. Our interactive tracking map not only tells you where the storm is going, but also where the forecasted the winds will be. Understanding your risk is just one key to remaining safe from the storm!

What Our Fans Say

Stephanie Abrams

@StephanieAbrams July 3, 2014

“My FAV!!!”

Only app I use during tropical weather!! It had so much info & super user friendly!!!

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Rocky Cruiser

“FEMA Reservist”

Fabulous app. As a FEMA reservist, I appreciate all the information packed in this app. Programmers scored a hole in one.

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“Greatest App!”

Being a catastrophe coordinator for a big insurance company I completely rely on this app. Thank you so much for the complete data i need 24 hours a day!

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“My Go-To App!”

I live in South Texas and I use this app for tracking storms in my area. Since I also work for a Trucking company, I use this app to determine when to send my trucks into an area. When in doubt, I go to this trustworthy app for information.

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Rob Lassiter

“Great App.”

It's a wonderful app. I've used this app when I purchased my first iPhone 3G, through the upgrades and will continue to use it. As a Firefighter/EMT in coastal SC, it's one of the more useful apps I've found for the tropical season.

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“Greatest App!”

I have used this App for 2 years and during hurricane season I use it regularly. I am a retired military weather officer and live on the Gulf Coast. I appreciate the ease of use and abundance of up to date information at the touch of my finger. Great App. I have recommended it to many friends.

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"Simply excellent."

Being out here in the middle of the Pacific we're somewhat forgotten by most apps or websites (other than CPH & NHC). But mahalo (thank you) to Kitty Code and everyone that is involved for keeping us informed for our benefit and keep up the great work & great product! Much love from Hawaii!

Jeff Merron

Apps share similarities, but Hurricane HD, Hurricane stand out from this pack

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier though, the winner of this small pack of apps is Hurricane HD, and its well-designed iPhone counterpart Hurricane Pro.

Macworld Rating:
Four out of Five Mice

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Chicken Daddy

“Wish I had this during Katrina”

I work for a well respected electric utility in MS and was on the MS Coast during Katrina. So wish I'd had this amazing tool then. This incredible app has made a huge difference in my personal response to Isaac. Because I was able to accurately track the storms data, we minimized our family's risk by simply staying home. Read More...